A sample of Dr. Sheldon's 'edutaining' teaching style.

Dr. Sheldon Joseph is an award-winning communicator and a uniquely creative, passionate,  dynamic health educator. He is available in-person or via online media (Skype, email) for group Motivational Talks, as well as life-changing One-on-One Tutorials and advisory Medical Consultations. 

He can be reached at and you can register for his 8-week, in-class, self-driven Brain and Body courses at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies via the link below, just search 'Joseph' and select a course that interests you. Register today and feel free to suggest a new course you would like to attend! 

EXtatin Tattoo Removal

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Sheldon Joseph, Ph.D., Director, and Fred Hawa, Esq., Business Development, EXtatin is a revolutionary biotech company within the tattoo removal industry. Using cutting edge R&D techniques that encompass molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and bioinformatics, coupled with patented advanced nanotechnology, EXtatin’s drug-device innovation will be sold and licensed to optimize ROI and as an exit strategy. Supported by a consortium of world-class R&D scientists and advisory experts at Toronto's Sunnybrook Research Institute, the MaRS Innovation Centre, and the MaRS Discovery District, EXtatin is poised to begin its pilot research program in 2016-2017 with drug discovery, testing, and commercialization carded for the end of 2020. Investors and potential customers can reach us at


1) Topical solution using proprietary nanotech delivery device.
2) Non-disruptive, pain-free, scar-free, simple tattoo removal.
3) Topical solution expected to fully restore tattooed skin.

The future of tattoo removal technology  

Dr. Sheldon Joseph explains EXtatin's proposed technique.


The company was founded and is led by Sheldon M. Joseph, Hons. B.S., Ph.D., President and CEO, a vibrant, creative, multiple award-winning, world-class entrepreneurial scientist, University of Toronto-SCS health educator, and inventor. The venture is supported by a myriad of professionals, advisors, and experts from multiple disciplines and is a MaRS Discovery District advisory services client.

Rejuven8 Laboratories Inc. generates unique, eco-safe intellectual property for leading global brands for an informed global community. 

We at Rejuven8 Labs are not manufacturers, nor do we prefer the retail business model.
Instead, we primarily seek collaborative B2B wholesaling, licensing, or white-labelling opportunities to rapidly and internationally commercialize our proven, uniquely innovative ideas that improve quality of life without harming the environment. Investors and customers can reach us at


  • MISSION To be a leading generator of eco-safe IP for successful global brands within 3 product sectors: Cosmetic, Medical, and Consumer, encompassing 8 growth industries.

  • GOAL To improve the health and well-being of consumers and our earth through education, product validation, and innovation.

  • CORE VALUES Sustainable innovations and inventions infused with intelligence, wisdom and integrity.

  • PASSION: Harnessing the power of nature to extend the active lifespan of our amazing human bodies and our precious, fragile earth.