"We scientifically and safely formulated all premium Active Naturals in our 3 in 1 chemical-free cosmetics line to perfection. Our "non-oily oils" are based on a proprietary blend of organic, vegan, Kosher, nutrient-dense, cold-pressed extra virgin, food and cosmetics grade aloe, avocado, jojoba and olive oils and extracts that deliver our safe, effective actives. All little goes a long wayEven hypoallergenic scent we chose is patented. Our team at Rejuven8 Laboratories, Inc. makes all of our products with integrity. Stay tuned to @AskDrSheldon for promos." Dr Sheldon, Lead Formulator

Email Rejuven8Labs@gmail.com to pre-purchase our 3IN1 RMT-approved Massage Oil Line


The company, an innovation house, was founded in 2008 by Dr. Sheldon M. Joseph, Hons. B.S., Ph.D. Dr. Sheldon is a vibrant, creative inventor, multi award-winning entrepreneurial scientist and University of Toronto SCS health edutainer. The venture is supported by a myriad of professionals, advisors, and experts from multiple disciplines.

Rejuven8 LabS ENGAGES AN INFORMED GLOBAL COMMUNITY BY generatING unique, eco-safe inNOVATIONS for leading brands. 

We at Rejuven8 Labs are not manufacturers, nor do we prefer the retail business model.
Instead, we primarily seek collaborative B2B wholesaling, licensing, or white-labelling opportunities to rapidly and internationally commercialize our market tested innovations that improve quality of life without harming the environment. 

Investors and customers can reach us at Rejuven8Labs@gmail.com.


  • MISSION To eco-innovate within 8 growth sectors.

  • GOAL To harness nature's power to improve quality of life.

  • CORE VALUES Wisdom, Integrity, Sustainability.

"My Revolutionary, Safe, Broad-Spectrum, Fast-Acting, Systemic Biopesticide! COMING SOON!" Dr. Sheldon REJUVEN8LABS.com Rejuven8Labs@gmail.com