"We scientifically and safely formulated all premium Active Naturals in our 3 in 1 chemical-free cosmetics line to perfection. Our proprietary blend of organic, vegan, Kosher, nutrient-dense, cold-pressed extra virgin olive, avocado, jojoba and aloe is our base for the delivery of safe, effective actives. Even the scent we chose was patented as hypoallergenic. All products are made with integrity by our Team at Rejuven8 Laboratories, Inc." Dr Sheldon, Lead Inventor

"Dry Skin Oil is now Skin Perfecting BODY, best applied to freshly-washed, wet skin. Thanks Alex!" Dr Sheldon


premium, great-smelling, 'Triple-A' active naturals! 

Anti-aging :: Anti-inflammatory :: Antiseptic...3 in 1 bottle!

"Skin Perfecting FACE is a miracle! It immediately improves the appearance of my T-zone. This stuff is beauty gold! Try it! Buy it!" Reem H.
"Skin Perfecting BODY works wonders! I use it all over my body! I'm addicted!" Gracia F.
"Wow! Skin Perfecting BODY did it! My rough problem dry skin is now so soft, smooth, and hydrated!" Melody S.
"Cold weather dries out my hands. Just a few drops of Skin Perfecting BODY immediately hydrates them! I love how the oil absorbs so quickly. I even use it while my hands are still wet after washing!  It's a must-have! Judi T.
"Je t'aime, Skin Perfecting GLO! My skin looks radiant all day and feels silky soft! It's the centre of my daily beauty routine! I even mix it into my sunscreen! You'll love it!" Emilie P.


Growth :: Intensity :: Repair...3 in 1 bottle!

"Hair Perfecting LEAVE-IN is actually perfect! It gives my hair healthy body, bounce and shine. It intensifies my fading colour and ends split ends, overnight! You won't be able to resist passing your fingers through your silky smooth hair! It's simply sublime!" Evelyn B.

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"My Unique Organic GLO Posing Oils are easy to apply, but make sure your spray tan is dry! Thanks Athletes!" Dr Sheldon

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3 Unique, Original Physique Cosmetics featuring "3 in 1 Action"

 Premium Daily Skin Care chemical-free                                     Evolved Topcoats for multiple shows & shoots!                               Perfected 24h Shine residue-free!...3 in 1 bottle! 



The company, an innovation house, was founded in 2008 by Dr. Sheldon M. Joseph, Hons. B.S., Ph.D. Dr. Sheldon is a vibrant, creative inventor, multi award-winning entrepreneurial scientist and University of Toronto SCS health edutainer. The venture is supported by a myriad of professionals, advisors, and experts from multiple disciplines.

Rejuven8 LabS ENGAGES AN INFORMED GLOBAL COMMUNITY BY generatING unique, eco-safe inNOVATIONS for leading brands. 

We at Rejuven8 Labs are not manufacturers, nor do we prefer the retail business model.
Instead, we primarily seek collaborative B2B wholesaling, licensing, or white-labelling opportunities to rapidly and internationally commercialize our market tested innovations that improve quality of life without harming the environment. 

Investors and customers can reach us at Rejuven8Labs@gmail.com.


  • MISSION To eco-innovate within 8 growth sectors.

  • GOAL To harness nature's power to improve quality of life.

  • CORE VALUES Wisdom, Integrity, Sustainability.

"My Revolutionary, Safe, Broad-Spectrum, Fast-Acting, Systemic Biopesticide! COMING SOON!" Dr. Sheldon REJUVEN8LABS.com Rejuven8Labs@gmail.com